Join the fight for our water, wildlife, and rural communities!

In 2019, the Florida state legislature passed a bill to fast-track three major new toll roads that will destroy large swaths of Florida’s last remaining rural lands.

These roads to ruin and the urban sprawl they fuel threaten agricultural land, wildlife habitat, water resources, and the character and local economies of Florida’s iconic rural towns. We need to protect our land and our heritage from this boondoggle.

Whether you live near the proposed tollway corridor or not, this project is a threat to your way of life. We cannot allow our tax dollars to be wasted on unneeded infrastructure when there is so much need for those dollars to be spent on land conservation, climate change mitigation, public transit, education, hurricane preparedness, and public health. This is especially important now that so many state resources will need to be devoted to the COVID-19 response.

Join our movement today to oppose the Multi-use Corridors of Regional Economic Significance (M-CORES) – what we call “roads to ruin.”