Toll road stress

Hundreds of residents showed up to the County Commission meeting on Dec. 21 to ask our elected officials to protect our homes, small businesses, farmlands, aquifer and rural way of life. Dozens of residents stood up giving facts and emotional testimony of why they are against the turnpike. No Roads to Ruin offered a resolution of “no build” and many asked the commissioners to tell FDOT to follow the M-CORES task force recommendations. 

Many left feeling disappointment, anger, frustration and a sense of limbo. The County Commission decided to send a letter requesting a seat at the table in deciding the toll road location. Now a large portion of Marion County residents are left to wonder, will this impact me? Should I sell my home now? Do I have to disclose the possible toll road? Should I pause any home improvements? 

So, on behalf of those of us who are now living in limbo, Thank you, County Commission, for ignoring your constituents and causing extra stress this Christmas. 

Alisha Hart, Dunnellon

Read the LTE published in the Ocala StarBanner here.