Select M-CORES Task Force Members


The task forces are getting close to being done with their “work.”  We have identified certain task force members from each corridor that need to hear a specific message. Email task force members from your own county or region (for the greatest effect) and urge them to refuse to join any M-CORES consensus agreement unless it is a “no build” recommendation.


We have made it easy to do in two simple steps:


1) Identify task force members relevant to your geography and copy their emails into your email!

Email addresses for select task force members can be found in the link to the table below for each of the three M-CORES corridor study areas:

2) Copy and paste this important ‘No Build’ message!

Link to the message and subject line:

Subject line: Do not sign on to any M-CORES consensus agreement 

Dear M-CORES Task Force Member:  FDOT has failed to show need, provide information required by SB7068, and implement a decision-making process that is consistent with the Florida Constitution.  Do not sign on to any consensus agreement.  

The vast majority of Floridians who have commented oppose M-CORES. Since Task Force members are meant to represent the public, you cannot partake in any consensus to proceed with M-CORES.  If you do, you are complicit in the sham.

What can you do?  Send a report that tells the legislature these roads aren’t necessary and to reallocate the money to hurricane shelters, rural broadband, land acquisition, protecting springs, and water quality improvement.

Note:  “Guiding principles” are meaningless when:

  • Encouraging Floridians to try and outrun a hurricane is contrary to the state’s emergency management guidelines.  A comprehensive statewide hurricane evacuation plan has not been done for more than 10 years and must be completed before any new roads are built with the stated purpose of aiding in hurricane evacuation. 

  • Existing roads are underutilized. New roads should not be built unless they can meet minimum need requirements. Focus should be on maintaining and providing infrastructure where residents need it now.

  • Economic viability should be ensured before spending 100s of millions of dollars on any PD&E work to avoid wasting taxpayer money.

  • FDOT has failed to track internal costs associated with M-CORES; the public will never know how much taxpayer money has been misspent on the M-CORES project.  

Put the brakes on this hemorrhage now.

Thank you,

[Your name]