FDOT is planning a TOLL ROAD from Wildwood to a yet-to-be-determined terminus. Folks living in Levy, Marion, Citrus, and Sumter County could be impacted either being up-ended, displaced entirely, or having the rural quality of life that makes the Nature Coast so special spoiled. It has always been our position to oppose ALL of the routes, all of the toll roads originally imagined under the former M-CORES program.  

There isn’t one alternative that spares critical wildlands, vulnerable springsheds, agricultural lands, or rural lands and there is zero proof that there is a need for any of the routes.  Our position and arguments remain the same.  We still oppose exploring the “least offensive” outcome, because any and all of the routes spell SPRAWL that threatens what we hold dear.  We will not be fooled into accepting the move of the threat to someone else’s backyard.

If you haven’t heard already, it is called the NORTHERN TURNPIKE EXTENSION. It could slice through our conservation lands, horse trails, farms and residential neighborhoods, aquifer recharge areas, and springsheds. 

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