Task force members still confused about process, need for proposed toll roads

By Chad Gillis
Fort Myers News-Press, Naples Daily NewsMarco Eagle

Excerpt: Some task force members planning for a mandated toll road from just south of Orlando to the Naples area seemed confused Thursday as to why they are considering the roadway at all…Unlike other major roadways, the idea for this and two other toll roads came from lawmakers, not from DOT engineers and planners — as is typically the case. 

Task force members have pointed that fact out in past meetings. 

Some attending Thursday’s online Florida Department of Transportation meeting simply want to put the brakes on a project that was signed into law late in the 2019 legislative session.  

“If you look at the governor’s website, he has literally issued hundreds of executive orders changing how things are happening,” said Andrew Dickman, a task force member representing 1,000 Friends of Florida. “He has the authority to slow things down, even pause it. We’re barreling toward the deadline and in no way is this the appropriate method.” 

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