VIDEOS: Here are some sample videos that help tell the story behind our statewide effort to stop the roads to ruin and fight for Florida’s water, wildlife, quality of life, and future.

  • No Roads to Ruin Campaign video
    • Share widely to build the fight for our water, wildlife, and Florida’s future
    • Link:
  • Jefferson County residents share why they don’t want the ‘Roads to Ruin’: A video series put together by the Citizens for Responsible Government of Jefferson County, the Jefferson Progress & Preservation Committee, and Tall Timbers Research Station.
    • Does Jefferson County Need a Toll Road? Part 1 of 3:
    • Will a Toll Road Help the Jefferson County Economy? Part 2 of 3:
    • Why are Jefferson County Citizens Resisting a Toll Road? Part 3 of 3:

NRTR December 2021