It’s official! Citrus County has come out opposed to each of the four proposed routes for the Northern Turnpike Extension!

 Thanks again to all of the residents and partner organizations who have worked tirelessly to convince the Citrus County Commissioner to support a #NoBuild resolution opposing all four of the proposed routes for the Northern Turnpike Extension.

The Citrus BOCC unanimously approved a resolution making it very clear that they wish to oppose all four routes and support their neighbors to the North and East with Sumter, Marion, and Levy counties in opposing the entirety of the proposed Northern Turnpike Extension.

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 “This situation, this turnpike, is not for Citrus County,” Commissioner Ruth Schlabach said.

The unanimous vote played well to many in the crowd, who urged the board beforehand to go all-out on no-build.

The second resolution, which was rejected, adopted a “no-build” resolution for three of the proposed routes but allowed for further consideration of corridor alternative A, which the board thought would have the least effect on Citrus County.

Commissioner Scott Carnahan made the motion which, he said, shows Citrus’ solidarity with its neighbors to the north who would also be negatively affected by the four routes.

Citrus County Chamber of Commerce president/CEO Josh Wooten told commissioners he doesn’t think any of the four routes are compatible with the county.

“We’re not hearing a big clamor from the business community for this road,” he said.

The resolution will be sent to Gov. Ron DeSantis and other state officials.

Photos from the Citrus BOCC meeting: