In case you haven’t heard, there are unconfirmed reports of FDOT “discontinuing,” “rescinding,” and even “abandoning” the 4 proposed Northern Turnpike Extension routes.

One thing we know with certainty:  The “No Build” resolutions, and all of your tireless work across the region, are the reasons we are getting closer to a complete victory.

But as of this moment, there are many things that we do not know:

We do not know exactly what FDOT is going to announce (different sources are saying conflicting things).  The news clips thus far are below.  As of this moment, nothing official has been released to the public by FDOT/FTE. 

We do not know if the FDOT announcement, when it comes, will be straightforward and easy to understand. 

  • If FDOT announces that a “No Build” (No Action) decision has resulted from the PD&E Study process for all of the proposed/potential routes, then that is what we have been fighting for and it is a clear victory.
  • If FDOT announces anything less or more complicated than a “No Build” decision, the devil will be in the details.
  • If FDOT’s response is for another different toll road route through Bronson/along US-27, or through any other community, the Coalition’s work is not over.  

The NRTR mission has always been to achieve a “no build” decision from FDOT, or a legislative defeat, of every potential NTE route.  Our mission IS NOT to compromise.

Our mission includes the fight to stop any new toll road that may become a proposed alternative to the already-proposed routes.  Any toll road connecting I-75 to US 19/98 will mean it is that much more likely for the US 19/98 corridor to get a tollway, and our mission has always included stopping the tolling of the US 19/98 corridor.

We will continue to fly the “not in anybody’s backyard” banner.

News clips:

Just Wright Citrus 

By Mike Wright

JUST NOW: The state has put a pause on plans for the Northern Turnpike Extension and will instead concentrate on improving I-75, according to solid information I received and confirmed Wednesday afternoon. FDOT is expected to announce in a news release as soon as this weekend that it is no longer considering the four potential routes.

Florida won’t pursue 4 proposed routes for possible northern turnpike extension

By Jim Ross and Austin L. Miller

Ocala Star-Banner

The state Department of Transportation has told elected officials in northern Central Florida that the agency is no longer pursuing four proposed routes for a possible northern extension of Florida’s Turnpike. Instead, the state will concentrate on improving Interstate 75.

Massullo: State scraps four proposed turnpike corridors

By Michael D. Bates

Citrus County Chronicle

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has abandoned the four corridors it was considering for a northern turnpike extension and is looking at different options, state Rep. Ralph Massullo told the Chronicle late Wednesday.

FDOT puts brakes on Suncoast Parkway northern expansion

Staff Report

Spectrum News

The Florida Department of Transportation appears to be abandoning plans for an expansion of some northern Florida toll roads.

Northern Turnpike Extension Routes Get the Axe; State to Focus on I-75

By Terry Witt

Spotlight on Levy County

Levy County Commissioner John Meeks confirmed Wednesday that the Florida Turnpike Enterprise has rescinded its study of four proposed Northern Turnpike Extension routes and will focus on I-75 instead.


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