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Sign the Levy petition opposing the Northern Turnpike Extension. Be sure to share this with your family, neighbors, and friends! 

Write a letter to the editor

Organize locally to pass a “No Build” resolution! The previous “No Build” or “repeal M-CORES” resolutions previously passed by many local governments will not be considered by FDOT.  Local governments must pass new “anti-NTE” resolutions.  Check out this draft resolution you can use. Work with others in your community to spread the word by (1) distributing yard signs and/or bumper stickers to those in harm’s way; (2) reach out to local businesses and groups to build the coalition; and/or (3) lobby local electeds to pass “No Build” city or county resolutions.”  

Note: On December 21st, the Levy Board of County Commissioner passed a ‘No Build’ resolution. If you live in Levy, now is the time to focus on the rest of the municipalities in Levy County by advocating and lobbying for other local governments to follow the example of the Levy Board of County Commissioners. Read more for a recap of the Levy Dec 21 meeting here

Speak up to your relevant local government body and let your local electeds know that you want them to oppose ALL of the proposed Northern Turnpike toll roads routes: 

  • Levy Board of County Commissioners: Regular meetings of the Board are open to the public and are held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday of each month and two weeks later on Tuesday. All regular Board Meetings begin at 9:00 a.m.  The meetings are held at the Levy County Courthouse in the County Commissioners’ Board Room.
    • Address: 355 S Court St, Bronson, FL 32621
    • Contact your County Commissioners
    • Monitor upcoming public meetings, request agenda packets, and register to speak
      • Note: at this time all agendas and supporting documentation are not available online. Email the Board Office if you would like to be included on the distribution list to receive the upcoming agenda and supporting documentation at 

Contact your state representatives in the House and Senate and let them know you are concerned and opposed to the Northern Turnpike Extension Toll Roads. Find them here

Need talking points and other relevant resources? See below for maps, factsheets, & other materials.

FDOT’s Northern Turnpike Extension ArcGIS tool:  FDOT’s ETDM (Efficient Transportation Decision Making) website now has info on the Northern Turnpike Extension for Marion, Sumter, and Levy counties showing proposed routes which (no surprise to us) ignore the M-CORES Task Force recommendations.  Take the same link to get to the map/routes (on the left side of the screen look for “view of map” under “Project Detail.”