Letter to the Editor: New toll roads aren’t a priority for Florida | Palm Beach Post

In a recent Point of View (July 27), a mother advocated for the proposed M-CORES (Multi-use Corridors of Regional Economic Significance) toll roads project by saying she would like her children to “live in a world that rebounds economically from the pandemic and is set up for success.”

She is misguided. Agricultural land, vital to our state and national food security needs to be protected, not paved over. Florida’s existing infrastructure is crumbling; it is ranked 40th nationwide in overall cost-effectiveness and condition. That should be fixed before spending $117 million on new toll roads.

The Legislature, considering the impacts of the pandemic to our state economy and the thousands suffering job loss, hunger, and illness, should instead direct that $117 million to critical state needs.

Why would taxpayers pay for 330 miles of unneeded toll roads when the public health emergencies and our devastated economy need so much attention? Call off M-CORES and redirect Florida’s tax dollars where they are needed.

Sheila Calderon, Greenacres

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