Thank you to all who took the time to raise their voices and clamored for the No Build option for the Northern Turnpike toll roads at this week’s Ocala-Marion TPO meeting! Your voices sent a very clear message to members of that commission that the residents of Marion County overwhelmingly do not want to see these roads built in any part of Marion County, so thank you!

Some of the Commissioner’s at the TPO meeting claimed, “We can do nothing at this time,” (Ire Bethea, president of the Ocala City Council and also chair of the TPO). THIS IS NOT TRUE! The Ocala-Marion TPO could pass a No Build resolution against these toll roads citing their concerns and urging FDOT to pursue the ‘No Build’ alternative as it conducts the Alternative Corridor Evaluation process. While it is true that FDOT must complete this ACE process, it is also true that it has to take into consideration official letters and resolutions made by local government bodies as well as Transportation Planning Organizations and Metropolitan Planning Organizations.

If you are in Marion, please continue to organize with your local City Council members and County Commissioners who sit on the Board of the TPO. The City of Dunnellon and Levy County’s ‘No Build’ resolution are perfect examples of how local governments can have a seat at the table and make their opposition to these toll roads known! So keep at!

Use our draft No Build resolution to court your local City Council members and ask them to champion something similar. If you want help or coaching through this process, email us at info@noroadstoruin.or.

Draft No Build resolution with instructions and strategy considerations: https://noroadstoruin.org/no-build-resolutions/

Specific links for local government bodies: https://noroadstoruin.org/stop-the-turnpike-extension/

Read the entire article recapping this week’s Ocala-Marion TPO meeting here: https://www.ocala.com/story/news/2022/01/26/marion-tpo-hears-opponents-florida-turnpike-northern-extension/9218575002/


“The 50 members of the public who showed up at the Ocala Marion Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) board meeting on Tuesday were interested in two things: speaking to Florida Department of Transportation officials about the proposed northern extension of the Florida Turnpike; and imploring TPO board members to join them in fighting to keep the road out of Marion County.”

“Nancy Reich told the TPO board that state officials should first improve I-75 before thinking about another roadway.

Joe Harder said the toll road is unnecessary and will negatively affect those who moved to the area to enjoy the rural lifestyle.

Annette Stutzman said people’s lives and homes would be harmed by the roadway and there’s no need for it.

Nearly a dozen people at the meeting held up signs objecting to the extension. One sign read: “No toll road.” Another said: “Stop the toll road madness.” A third said: “No build.””