Greeting No Roads to Ruin followers and activists!! It has been some time. It would be understandable if you thought we are asleep on the job, but we are here monitoring and making waves per usual to help stop the remaining #RoadsToRuin #NoBuild
We thought we would share the little news we have on our fight to vanquish the remaining toll road threats. Already many of our activists and residents in Levy County have been hard at work to rally public opposition this week alone.
Update #1) Northern Turnpike Extension FDOT meetings: FDOT’s ETDM (Efficient Transportation Decision Making) website now has info on the Northern Turnpike Extension for Marion, Sumter, and Levy counties showing proposed routes which (no surprise to us) ignore the M-CORES Task Force recommendations. Take the same link to get to the map/routes (on the left side of the screen look for “view of map” under “Project Detail.”
Confusing, I know. That’s why the graphic above shows all of the so called alternatives. No surprise to all of us, there are no acceptable alternatives that do not pave over vulnerable springsheds, agricultural lands, or neighborhoods. The only acceptable alternative as far as we are concerned is the “No Build” alternative. There has been no demonstrated need from a traffic congestion perspective nor economic or fiscal feasibility. End of discussion. #NoBuild
Update #2)
Earlier this week, many No Roads to Ruin activists attended the Levy County Board of County Commissioners meeting asking for the Commission’s formal opposition to the Northern Turnpike. Commissioner Lily Rooks, who has long supported our ‘No Build’ efforts put forward a motion to send a formal letter from the Levy County BCC to FDOT and Governor Ron DeSantis about the County’s support for the “No Build” alternative.
Update #3) There are two upcoming public “kickoff” events being organized by FDOT to discuss the Northern Turnpike Extension and the project development process. The meetings will be both in person and virtual. Save the dates: Tuesday, December 7th from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. in Chiefland and on Thursday, December 9th from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. in LeCanto. Mark your calendars!
Representatives from the No Roads to Ruin Coalition will be in attendance for both meetings. We will have hand signs/mini-posters for those who wish to make their opposition more visible. Please contact if you plan to attend and share widely within your networks. Facebook events are forthcoming. Learn more here:…/northern-turnpike…/
Update #4)
Lastly, stay tuned for more social media and website updates which will be forthcoming in the coming weeks. The “landscape” has changed since the M-CORES program technically met its demise and we need to make some changes to the website. However, the threat of the Northern Turnpike Extension and expansions along US 19 (which will likely be tolled) from Citrus to Madison County are still very much alive. If you have suggestions for how we should be proceeding with these updates to our social media accounts, website, etc. please let us know. Feel free to DM us or shoot us an email at We welcome all input and feedback! This is a collaborative effort between all of us after all.
Update #5) Read this column done by Criag Pittman that details local opposition to this proposed toll road: The Florida DOT’s latest ‘Billionaire Boulevard’ plan has rural FL outraged – Florida Phoenix
Thanks! Email us at if you have thoughts or are looking to get more involved in our campaign to stop the remaining #RoadsToRuin