THE TOLL ROADS ARE BACK!! LET’S SAY #NoBuild (scroll down to learn more)

FDOT is planning a TOLL ROAD from Wildwood to a yet to be determined terminus. Folks living in Levy, Marion, Citrus, and Sumter County could be impacted either being up-ended, displaced entirely, or having the rural quality of life that’s makes the Nature Coast so special spoiled.

It has always been our position to oppose ALL of the routes, all of the toll roads originally imagined under the former M-CORES program.  There isn’t one alternative that spares critical wild/springshed/rural lands and there is zero proof that there is a need for any of the routes.  Our position and arguments remain the same.  We still oppose exploring the “least offensive” outcome, because any and all of the routes spell SPRAWL that threatens what we hold dear.  We will not be fooled into accepting the move of the threat to someone else’s backyard.

If you haven’t heard already, it is called the NORTHERN TURNPIKE EXTENSION. It could slice through our conservation lands, horse trails, farms and residential neighborhoods, aquifer recharge areas, and spring sheds. 

Information we have learned from FDOT so far:

  • The in-person meetings in Chiefland and Lecanto will be informal “1-on-1” (open house) style events with attendees walking around different stations where FDOT staff/contractors will be talking to individuals or small groups.  We were told there will be comment cards to fill out.  

  • The comment period is now open and will remain open until the Project, Development & Environmental (PD&E) phase is over in Spring 2023.  

  • Commenters must MAKE IT VERY CLEAR THAT THEY ARE OPPOSED TO THE NTE in their written comment.  FDOT is still claiming it is too hard to determine whether commenters are for or against, so don’t mince your words.  Please consider starting your comment with something like “I am opposed to all route alternatives.  No build is the only option.”

  • The previous “No Build” or “repeal M-CORES” resolutions previously passed by many local governments will not be considered by FDOT.  Local governments must pass new “anti-NTE” resolutions.  Check out this draft resolution you can use. 

  • FACT:  Despite FDOT failing to acknowledge the “No Build” option on the video and website, “No Build” is always an option.  

  • FDOT has no firm definition of “co-location,” so be very wary when you see/hear it.

  • Beware:  FDOT expects to 1) reach out to cities/counties to “sell the project” and 2) be invited to speak at city/county commission meetings

  • “All” environmental info is available on EDTM webpage: 

Maps, Factsheets, & Materials

NTE Fact sheet and NO BUILD handoutThese will be distributed at the Chiefland and Lecanto events by representatives of the No Roads to Ruin Coalition either at the entrance or inside the conference/auditorium rooms.

Draft town/city/county “NTE No Build” resolutionThe time is now to build support and identify elected champions for a local government resolution against the NTE.  Use this draft resolution to get started!

Want a pink yard sign?  Either Levy-specific or general “Rural Florida.”  Let us know. Email us at

Proposed route map

Check out this interactive Arc-GIS map made by Defender of Wildlife that analyzes and overlays many of the environmentally sensitive lands that would be impacted by the roadway proposal. Check out the map!  

Facts About the NTE threats to Rainbow Springs

FDOT’s Northern Turnpike Extension Arc GIS tool:  FDOT’s ETDM (Efficient Transportation Decision Making) website now has info on the Northern Turnpike Extension for Marion, Sumter, and Levy counties showing proposed routes which (no surprise to us) ignore the M-CORES Task Force recommendations.  Take the same link to get to the map/routes (on the left side of the screen look for “view of map” under “Project Detail.” 

Local Petitions:


You say kick off we say kick out!

You say kick off we say shut down!

Time to punt the NTE, FDOT!










Have a handout out or other materials you’d like to share?  Send it our way and we will distribute it. Email us at

NOTE:  The NRTR website still needs to be updated for this latest round of fights.  Thank you for your patience.  We will inform you when it has all the new materials, maps, information, news clips, etc. 

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